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1. Apple has announced that the new MacBook lasts 10 hours. Do the results from the battery life tests agree with the company’s statement?  (10) 

2. Compare the ages of employees at Microsoft and Tesla. What can you conclude?  (10)

 3. Evaluate if undergrad major has an impact on the careers chosen.  (10) 

4. Using the data provided in “Assignment 3.xlsx (Car prices)”, answer the following questions. 

4.1. Which independent variable has the most significance for predicting price? (20) 

4.2. Develop the best possible multiple linear regression model for the data. (30) 

4.3. Use hold-out validation (100 -training, 50 – validation) and discuss your finding based on the value of the residuals. (10) 

4.4. Is developing piecewise linear regression model for the independent variable, mileage and dependent variable, price, useful? Why? (