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1.- Cloud Computing research paper (Title of your research) (20-points)

2.- Title Page (See example provided) (10-points)

3.- Abstract of the research paper (Not to exceed 220 words), do not include references or in-text citation in the abstract. At the end of the abstract include the keywords that you used to conduct your research (At least seven (7) keywords) (10-points) 

4.- Table of Contents (Per APA). See sample paper. (10-points) 

5.- Introduction to your topic (Not to exceed 100 words). (10-points) 

6.- Heading for each section from the Table of Contents (I need to see each section in-text of your document- Just the title of each section with the proper section number. Your section number must be the same as in the table of contents). Must be structured per APA. (10-points) 

7.- List of references – At the end of the paper. (10-points)