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1) Do you best to recall a moment of profound interaction with someone, during which time you came away learning something or understanding something that changed the way you think from that moment forward. Spend a few minutes recalling details of this moment. Then, try to pinpoint the precise moment of profundity, or the very moment you came to some understanding. Write down a few sentences that capture this without worrying about how it looks or sounds. Then, spend about a paragraph describing the difficulty of the recollection process, and your attempt to capture the moment in words. Was it difficult to recall, or easy? Why do you think it was difficult or easy for you? What was difficult about capturing the moment in words and how does your composition capture the precision of the moment? Ideally, this should form the basis for your “mock k?an” project.
2) Read the EZB entries assigned for this week. What does this set of terms tell you about the master-disciple relationship? How is this relationship built on the premise of instruction and what do these terms tell you about the nature of religious understanding?