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1. Explain three gothic elements from the show. ( 15points)

2. Episode One and Two are very different in the way that they approach the gothic/horror theme. Explain what the overall differences are. Use at least three examples to explain your point. (15 points)

3. Each episode in Season One begins with a flashback to the past, what does this do for the narrative? (10 points)  

4. Part of the beginning narrative in Episode 1 is Viven visitng the doctor, 

re-watch this scene and explain how it might be important to the series. (15 points)

5. After watching Episode 1 and 2, explain your feelings regarding Ben as a character. Make sure to use at least three examples to support your response.  (15 points) 

6. (20 points)a. In episode 1 and 2, there are several gothic tropes. Google the term gothic tropes and make a list of three gothic tropes in each episode (for a total of 6). b. Explain why these gothic tropes are important to the show. 

7. After watching Episode 1 and 2, provide your opinion of the TV show. (10points)