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1. Explore the catastrophic cyber event that occurred in “CAPITAL ONE” financial organization in 2019.
2. Discuss in your paper the specifics of the attack and how it negatively affected the organization. Make sure you site your source and use in-text citations.
3. Use a table, figure, or any other method to outline or display the type/s of attack/s that occurred and what security controls potentially may have failed the organization.
4. Articulate in your paper what the group believes could have prevented the reported cyber-attack, and, specifically relate this to two or more learning objectives from our course. Note: I will be paying close attention to this part of the research paper! Therefore, fully discuss this portion in your writings. Use tables/graphs, etc., as necessary.
5. Continually tie your findings to the learning objectives of our course. Therefore, saying this, our textbook will be one of your sources to be used for this assignment.
Things to do:
Find and review articles, online books, and other information to use for background and specific information for your research paper.
Write the paper with this general template:
Title paper with each group member name that participated throughout the research
Summarize and then describe the organization/company; including details of the cyber-related incident
Critically analyze your research topic; synthesize findings from your sources and tie them to our textbook
Propose what security controls, processes or mechanisms that could have prevented the cyber-related incident
Conclude your research paper with lessons learned by each group member from lessons learned from this class, your research and your group’s proposed prevention recommendation.
Administrative grading guidelines:
1. Writing Style (i.e., professional writing with consideration given to spelling, grammar, format, references and page count): 20
2. Content (i.e., addressing all portions of the presented topic, using main points and subpoints as needed): 70
3. Group will ensure are properly cited and referenced. Make sure to use at least 10 credible sources. Note: Wikipedia and other general Internet sources are not allowed. Further, the sources must be within the past 5 years: 10
The presentation must include (at a minimum) the following:
1) Overview
2) Summary of findings
3) Drill down on the high risks – Discuss why you felt they presented a greater risk to the agency
4) Recommendations for all of your significant findings (don’t worry about the low ones)
5) Research a technical solution (a product), that can help the agency “get healthy”. Describe (in your own words, not the vendor’s words) how the tool can help solve the risk it is intended to address. This information should be discussed in detail in your written paper.