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1. Using the Dykstra algorithm, calculate a route from node S to node D on the network as displayed in Fig. 1. Show and explain each step of the algorithm as you develop the route.
2. For which routing protocols in the Internet Protocol Suite (from the Internet Engineering Task Force) is the Dykstra algorithm used?

Consider a simplified quantitative payoff matrix below. Is there a Nash equilibrium? Do not answer simply yes or no; explain your reasoning and prove that there is none if that is your answer. If there is a Nash equilibrium, calculate it. You may use a computer program for such a calculation, but you must display the source code for such a program; using an on-line program from the World Wide Web, etc., is not acceptable without knowing, understanding, displaying in your submitted work, and explaining the source code. You may write your own program for this purpose if you so choose, or you may do a hand calculation, displaying each step. A simple numerical answer is not sufficient.
**Figure 1 is for the question 1 &2.
**The table is for the question 3,