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6 pages long; APA 7th edition; double spaced

Introduction (engaging and captures reader’s interest, states the main topic, and previews the structure of the paper)

Body (well-organized, supporting details that develop the main idea, double-spaced, citations used)

Conclusion (summarizes key points discussed throughout the paper)

References (reveals well-documentation of points, sufficient to support your discussion; at least 4 references from science journal articles and books; course book must be one of the references; references listed on reference page should be double-spaced between and within entries; hanging indent for each reference entry-first line only; entries listed in abc order)

Topic explored and discussed adequately (topic points discussed thoroughly and additional information-outside of what is in the coursebook- was provided to further contribute to your topic)

Attached is the summary I already wrote for this paper; follow the summary as a guide for this paper please