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Address the following by evaluating your position on
Situation: Critical factors for successful implementation of enterprise systems
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have emerged as the core of successful information management and the enterprise backbone of organizations. The difficulties of ERP implementations have been widely cited in the literature but research on the critical factors for initial and ongoing ERP implementation success is rare and fragmented. Through a comprehensive review of the literature, Various factors were found to be critical to ERP implementation success. For this weeks engagement, provide an analysis and defense of any two of the following as it relates to effective communications across the IT and Business boundaries:
– ERP teamwork and composition; change management program and culture; top management support; business plan and vision; business process; project management; monitoring and evaluation of performance; project champion; appropriate business and IT legacy systems. NOTE: Refer (as applicable) to
Markus and Tanis’ ERP life cycle model.