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All analysis begins with a personal judgment or evaluation: like or dislike.
The Evaluation Argument asks you to explore, deepen, explain, and logically defend your evaluation.
First, the topic I have selected is Cristiano Ronaldo. Then, you have to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the artifact in order to judge whether it is good, bad, or some combination of both. Third, you will establish criteria by which you judge the artefact; you support your judgment with good reasons and evidence.
Characteristics of an Evaluation Argument:
A successful evaluation argument will do the following:
Accurately but briefly describe the artifact so that readers who may not be familiar with the subject will still be able to understand what it is.
·Assert a clear and specific claim (one’s judgment of artifact) early in the essay—usually the last sentence of the introduction.
·Establish clearly defined criteria as the basis for the evaluation.
·Provide well-supported reasons to defend its evaluation.
·Effectively integrate concrete evidence from (e.g. quotations) or description of the artifact to support claims.
·Present a knowledgeable and researched discussion of the subject.
·Present a balanced and fair assessment of the artifact; maintain a respectful tone in addressing opposing viewpoints/evaluations of the artifact.
·Reinforce the claim and assert the significance of the evaluation and the artifact in the conclusion.
Don’t require a certain number of words just make sure that you cover the topic well and that you have the 1 required citation (peer reviewed). MLA format for presentation and for source documentation (in-text citations and Works Cited Page).