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Analysis of this week’s readings, as well as your own experience and observations, provide discussion in the following format:

  • Your analysis of how followers can influence the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of leaders Hint: Your analysis should consider how the “followers” empower or enable the leader’s  behaviors (for good or bad).
  • Your analysis of how followers can effectively work with a leader with a style that is not consistent with what they desire or a leader they do not admire, which is the more difficult scenario!
  • Your recommendations for how leaders can better empower and support followers to ensure that they can meet goals.
  • 2 pages 
  • APA citing sources 7th edition
  • No Plagiarisms 
  • Double spaces

Note: Be sure to justify your conclusions with examples from your experience, current events, or others that you know of as well as from the readings from the Learning Support Docs.