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Answer the questions:
Part 1 / Answer questions from lesson: ( 250-300 word)
– Alexander reading: see attachment please
As curators have moved to working in larger teams, so too has the “curatorial voice” diminished. The democratization of museums and culture has challenged the single authoritative voice and exhibitions now try to give voice to differing perspectives. Why would the “curatorial voice” be problematic? Does this reflect any of your personal experiences in museums?
– From the video:
Consider how technology can be used in exhibitions. How does storytelling engage with exhibitions?
How does Barton’s firm use technology to help visitors become authors of their own experience?
Part II / Write an Exhibition Review
(for this Part you can choose any online exhibit you can find)
As we move our focus to the function of museums, this discussion board will help to turn attention to one of the most public expressions of the museum, the exhibition. For this DB you need to write a 500-word exhibition review. Choose an exhibition of any size in your location. Consider all aspects of it: who is the artist or artists, what works are included, what labels and text panels are included, are there other educational materials? Does the installation of the exhibition work well? Is anything less effective?
*As students live in a variety of locations, I will be flexible as to what constitutes an ‘Exhibition Review’ (be aware that small exhibitions with little accompanying material may be difficult to write about). But please do make every effort to visit a museum (check websites for free days and extended hours). If you are unable to physically go to a museum, an online exhibition will suffice, but it must be a ‘museum exhibition’. Some resources include: Smithsonian Institute American Art ( (Links to an external site.)); National Women’s History Museum ( (Links to an external site.)); United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ( (Links to an external site.)); National Museum of Natural History ( (Links to an external site.)); and you may find many more.
I want to acknowledge that while visiting museums in-person has been greatly restricted, there are great programs popping up all over the world. In lieu of an exhibition review, you may also consider a virtual museum program. You should participate and write a review.