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Assignment 4
Introduction and References
DUE November 8, 2020
For this assignment you will write a one paragraph (more if needed) about your research topic. You are introducing your reader to what they will be reading about in your study. In addition, you will provide five references that are specific to your research. You can get articles from the library that are specific to your topic. When I asking you to get articles about your research topic I am asking for scholarly sources, I am referring to articles from sources like the Journal of American Medicine or Journal of Child Development. I do not want to see articles from the popular press. For instance, if you are interested in weight loss, I do not want to see an article from People magazine on how Adele lost weight. You do not need to send me the articles, I am only looking for the citations at this point in time. If you need help with the citation formatting, I can help you. With this assignment, we are starting to build your final paper. I would like to see this assignment formatted with three headings.
Here you will cut and paste your refined research question
Here you will write an introduction to your study.
Here you will list five citations of scholarly articles that are pertinent to your study.