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Assignment Content
Communication helps people:
a. establish their identity.
b. create shared meanings for events.
c. develop professional and personal
d. all of the above.
2.The dictionary definition of a word is the __________ meaning.
3.To Amelia, the word “home” means warmth, love, and family.
This is an example of the __________ meaning Amelia associates with the word home.
4.Messages are transmitted in a variety of ways including face-to-face conversations, telephone conversations, letters, text messages, and emails. These transmission forms represent various _________________.
5.Hope gave directions on how to get to her house to her friend. This is an example of the __________ function of language.
6.The librarian told Madison to “be quiet.” This is an example of the __________ function of language.
7.__________ are the rules that govern word order.
8.__________ is the study of meaning.
9.Juan speaks English as a second language, influencing his syntax, accent, and word choice.
This is an example of how __________ influence verbal communication.
10.Doctor Nelson frequently uses words like contusions, hemorrhagic stroke, and sequelae. This is an example of how __________ influences verbal communication.