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Assignment Questions:

1. What things are going wrong at RW Citrus & Juice? What are the root causes if these issues?

2. Watts & Ross find themselves constantly trying to make up for missing ingredients. No scheduling or inventory system is perfect, so allowances must always be made to accommodate things that might go wrong. However, Ross feels that the scheduling and inventory system are not as they should be. What makes the situation different? What expectations should Watts and Ross have for the operations at RW Citrus & Juice.

3. What is the bare minimum that needs to be in place operationally so that the juice orders can be filled consistently and efficiently?

4. Prepare a brief report to Watts that will assist him in bridging the gap between the operations management that exists now and the operations management necessary for orders to be filled consistently and efficiently. As Ross, what would be the top two recommendations in your report to Watts?