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Attached are the reading materiel to answer the questions.
When doing library research, name and explain 5 important resources for finding what you need in the library.
(10 points)
What are three major criteria for evaluating the soundness of research materials that you find on the Web?
(3 points)
You want to conduct an interview about the goals and philosophy of Tritons womans varsity basketball team. What are some of the things you should consider to ensure a successful interview?
(4 points)
Name 3 major kinds of supporting materials that could be incorporated within a speech presentation.
(3 points)
What 3 questions should you ask to judge the reliability of statistics?

(3 points)
Explain what peer testimony is and cite 2 examples of using peer testimony within a speech presentation?
(3 points)
Explain what expert testimony is and cite 2 examples of using expert testimony within a speech presentation?
(3 points)
Identify the flaw or flaws for each of the following statements that violates at least one of the criteria for effective supporting materials.
(6 points)
a. In a random survey last month of 470 members of Sierra Club, 98 percent of those interviewed opposed drilling for oil in the Alaskan wilderness. Clearly, then, American people oppose such drilling.
b. According to a survey conducted for Verizon Wireless, most people prefer Verizons service to that of Cingular, Sprint or Ameritech.
c. As actor Senn Penn noted in a recent interview, the United States needs to change its foreign policy in the Middle East. Otherwise, Penn said, it would be impossible to bring about lasting peace in the region.