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Barnes and Organized Crime
During the 1970s, the Black Mafia, was said to have controlled thirty percent of the illegal narcotics trade (mostly heroin and cocaine) in the black neighborhoods of major east coast cities. A leader of this type of organized crime group was Leroy Nicky Barnes, a gangster in the Harlem area of New York City.
Research Barnes’ history and operation, paying particular attention to the relationship between Barnes and his environment.
Create a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word document, expressing your views and address the points listed below. Utilize terminology from the course and explain your reasoning wherever possible.
Your write-up should include answers to the following:
Provide a summary of Barnes activities relating to organized crime, including the following:
What specific organized crimes did Nicky Barnes engage in?
Provide a review of the methods he employed—how were they different from other groups engaged in the same crimes?
How did Barnes two stints in prison affect the development of his organization?
What unusual steps did Barnes take to guard against theft by his employees?
How does Barnes fit into the general typologies of organized crimes and organized criminals?
Why was the community so tolerant of Barnes activities and operations?
Describe the structure of Barnes operation. He employed many people–how were they organized? What was Barnes role?
Barnes organizational skills may have been useful in a legitimate
business—why didnt he apply his skills in a legitimate business? Support your responses with examples.