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Basics (50 points)

The content, the process, the product, and the environment are ways that you may make adjustments for student learning to better accommodate difficulties. 

Using the format below, address how you would modify these items for a certain learning disability.  I am leaving it open for you to select the disability that you would like to use.

This document  Access for All (2019) can prove very helpful in completing this assignment.  Please identify at least 4 of each of the 4 columns below to complete the assignment.

2019-access-for-all-guide (1).pdf  download 

Disability – Student with Other Health Impairment (specifically ADHD)


 Chunk work in smaller 

segments: one page at a 

time rather than multiples 


 Check student for understanding?  

Watch to ensure he/she is engaged and not lost. 


Rather than giving a test with 20 matching questions – break the test into sections of 5 questions with 5 matching answers so that the student can focus better.


Place student near the teacher so that you can cue to stay on task