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Case of Special Ed Whistleblower

Kindly review the following article and video clip.

CTU Files Whistleblower Suit Over Fired Special Education Teacher (链接到外部网站。)

A Chicago school teacher was fired due to serious misconduct with respect to the administration of a standardized statewide test.  The teacher claims that she was terminated because she raised concerns about the school’s provision of services to students with disabilities.  Do you believe that her whistleblower claim is viable?

In your assigned pairs, complete this case. For this Case, person A is the attorney for the plaintiff, person B is the attorney for the defense.

Instructions: With your assigned team member read the case. Complete the following steps:

  1. Determine who is the attorney for the plaintiff and who is the attorney for the defense
  2. Based on the case information, complete an opening statement that you would present to the court on behalf of your client (minimum 250 words, maximum 700 words).
  3. Post your statement here for grading, and discussion.
  4. Locate another pair in the class, respond to their opening statements. (minimum of two posts)

I represent defendant in this case