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Case Presentation

Locate three case studies relevant to the topic you selected in the Unit 2 assignment. Your textbook, course examples, media, or real-world situations are good sources for case studies. Highlight the organizations and human services populations in the case studies and weigh the policies, laws, and ethical guidelines that influenced the decision-making process.

Include the following elements in your assignment submission:

  • Introduction.
  • The professional ethical code used throughout and the rationale for choosing it.
  • For each case study:
    • Summarize the case study, including all key points:
      • An introduction to the situation described in the case study.
      • The organization and the human services population involved.
    • Analyze the ethical issue (or issues) at both the macro (population and organization) level and the micro (case-specific, individual client) level.
    • Analyze the policies, laws, and ethical guidelines that influence the ethical decision-making process.
    • Analyze the ethical decision-making process, considering how personal desires and feelings intersect with ethical obligations.