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Chapter 1:
1Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages to using project management?
What are the key characteristics all projects possess?
Consider the six criteria for successful IT projects.
Why is IT project success often so difficult to assess?
Make a case for some set of factors being more important than others.
4Q. Using your favorite search engine ( Google, Yahoo!, etc.), type in the keywords “ project” and “ project management.” Randomly select three of the links that come up on the screen. Summarize what you found.
Chapter 2
1Q The chapter suggests that a definition of strategic management includes four components:
Developing a strategic vision and sense of mission
Formulating, implementing, and evaluating
Cross-functional decisions
Achieving its objectives
Discuss how each of these four elements is important to understanding the challenge of strategic project management.
How do projects serve to allow an organization to realize each of these four components of strategic management?
What are some of the key organizational elements that can affect the development and maintenance of a supportive organizational culture?
As a consultant, what advice would you give to a functional organization that was seeking to move from an old, adversarial culture, where the various departments actively resisted helping each other, to one that encourages “project thinking” and cross-functional cooperation?
Case Study 2.3 – Project Task Estimation and the Culture of “Gotcha”
Answer the questions in the case study attached in the document

All the answers and case study included should be APA 6th edition with references and in-text citations any plagiarism is considered zero.