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Compile data from 2016-2020 from Edgar to fill out the historical data in the “financial statement” tab. Professionally format all entries. Specifically I’ll be looking for number formats, displaying percent to the 0.1% place, and borders to separate calculated totals.   

Use the max (min) revenue growth during the 2016-2020 years for a high (low) revenue projection for 2021.  Then create an average revenue growth estimate for 2021.  Document the necessary calculations to support your revenue estimates in the “revenue estimate” tab provided.  Extend the average revenue growth case from 2022 to 2025.   Create a projected income statement and balance sheet for 2021 for each of the three cases.  Then extend the average case to 2025.  Provide a brief description of the assumptions for each line item similar to what we did in class.  In some cases I’ve given you directions on what to assume for the line item.   Calculate the payout ratio that balances the balance sheet.    

Use equations whenever and wherever possible – especially for totals.