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Complete this Dollar Plan Case study and develop a dollar plan (with last year and forecasted figures) for the given scenario. Pay attention to the information given in the case text as well as case questions when preparing figures for the planned period. All percentages and ratios should be carefully planned (for PL) based on last year figures and buyer’s best judgement. In this case the buyer is you and you can use your reasoning based on your understanding of Chapter 5 to come up with the most reasonable planned year figures. 

  • Download PDF for the instructions and questions to answer. Download Excel
  • Then answer questions for the case study in a word document. Answers should be written in complete and meaningful sentences. Include information from the textbook when answering questions. To create a successful submission, refer to answer formatting guidelines on the instructions as well.

Submission will include 2 files:

  • 1 word document with case study responses.
  • 1 Excel Sheet with dollar plan