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consider the 2019 annual 10-K filings of two large auto manufactures: Ford & GM. In a 1-2 page report, you will evaluate the performance of these two competitors during their 2019 fiscal year. In your report, please answer the following questions:

How did Ford’s and GM’s performance change between fiscal year 2018 and fiscal year 2019? Are there any financial ratios/metrics that stand out (either for positive or negative reasons)?

Based on the notes to the financial statements did either company make changes to their accounting standards? If so, do you think these changes make the financial statements more or less reflective of the companies’ business performance?

Based on the notes to the financial statements are their any off-balance sheet items that are noteworthy? How do these items impact your evaluation of the companies’ performance?

Overall, which company do you think is in a stronger position? Be sure to explain your reasoning and cite specific financial measures to support your conclusion.

Both annual reports can be accessed on the via the SEC’s EDGAR filling system.

Ford Annual Report:

GM Annual Report: