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create a 5 page paper double space on the towson pandemic plan. select several of the sections that are needed (from the original plan which will be provided)and in Five Full pages (MS Word only), which sections/areas you selected and in detail what would be in each of those sections. Only specifics, no generalities. Please use the sources/examples/tools that were collected/posted in the 437 attachment below(I will provide it to you with the files) and plus any others you can find.
Evaluation of the project will be evaluated on the degree of specifics offered (as compared to description), the link to concepts/plans presented in the course (the quality of the link is critical, not the number of concepts used) and whether your selected sections are specific, valuable, and realistic. I am not looking for the reasoning behind your selection, just what goes in them. When doing this assignment focus on several sections of the provided pandemic plan that seem like it is incomplete or that something is missing. Go over the plan in the detail and understand exactly what it is. Once again select several sections/areas that seem outdated and update them with realistic content that would favorable today.