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Create a new Word document and save it with the title of W1P_LastName.docx.
Put your name and the assignment number in the first two or three lines of the document. Always make sure the instructor can find your name easily in any assignment turned in.
Now you get to describe your graduation party. Your paper should include the following; review the Grading Criteria below for specifics. This assignment should be at least half a page in length and could be as long as two pages. Take the space that you need to meet the requirements.
Describe your party and what it means to you. How will graduation make you feel and what will it help you to accomplish?
Location: Include at least three possibilities of locations for your party. You can find these by searching the Internet for venues near you or wherever you want the party to be held. For each possible location, include a sentence or two explaining why this would be a good location and include the link to the Web site for at least one location so your classmates can see it and to demonstrate your ability to add a hyperlink.
Entertainment: This should fit with the theme you planned, and it can range from guided tours to board games to live bands. Really be creative with this. Pick at least three possible choices for entertainment. For each choice, include a sentence or two explaining why it would be a good option. Include a link to the Web site for at least one entertainment choice so your classmates can look at it and to demonstrate your ability to put in a hyperlink.
Add some formatting to your text and decorate your page with some graphics (Insert Picture or Online Picture) to demonstrate your theme more visually! Change the WrapText properties on the graphic to Square so you can move it where you want it. Be sure to see the Project Tips at the end of the directions for more help with this and the rest of the project. Explain what formatting you did in the message box.

You are expected to compose your own party description in your own words. Also, the size shown of 132 words is a reasonable size; typically, you will need at least 100 words to create a party description that meets the content requirements in the project instructions.
The tips also show you how to insert an image and how to access the context
specific Picture Tools to manipulate an image. The tips show you how to use the
Wrap Text feature under the Picture Tools to wrap text around a picture. Note
that there are many other useful functions from the Picture Tools folder that you
can use to manipulate images. You may want to experiment with them as you
explore creative ways to make your document unique.
Finally, the sample Word document in the visuals below is not meant to show a
completely finished assignment deliverable. You will need to complete all
requirements 1 through 4 of the project instructions, including decorating your
document with some clip art and original text formatting to create interesting