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Creating a Report
In the week 3 discussion, you began the Pre-Writing step for a report for your boss on Richard Hackmans statement that using a team to complete a complex project may not be the best approach. Review your classmates’ contributions to the discussion forum so that you are able to leverage a wide variety of perspectives.
Your written assignment this week is to continue the 3×3 writing process and complete the report.
Continuing your research using the South University Online Library, complete the report. Your report must include the following:
An outline of how you have formulated your response to Richard Hackmans statement. Your outline should provide a reasonable framework for the report and show where you are going to use each of the pieces of information you found through your research
An introduction to the report that explains the purpose of the report, the significance of the topic, and a preview of the main points to be discussed
The body of the report that uses clear headings and topics arranged logically, in an appropriate tone
Meaningful conclusions and practical recommendations in the report
Multiple current and credible sources
J. Richard Hackman statement
According to J. Richard Hackman, a noted team research scholar, using a team to complete a complex project may not be the best approach. However, imagine that your organization relies heavily on teams to complete projects. Your boss wants you to develop a well-researched report analyzing Hackmans comment.