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CRJ 105 – Crime and Criminal Behavior
Case Number: 0998881
Date: 20 May 2016
Reporting Officer: Colt Winchester
Incident Type: Property Crime
Address of Occurrence: 222 Citation Way, Happy Town, GA 15486
Clifford Tonell: Store owner, Male, 48, White
Bo Foot: Security Officer (Employee), Male, 76, White
Andrea Sianturi: Employee, Female, 27, Asian American Susan
Bunion: Customer: Female, 35, Asian American
Weapon/Objects Used:
On May 20, 2016, at approximately 18:00, officers responded to the Socks for Feet Outlet
located at 222 Citation Way. According to the Socks for Feet Security Officer Bo Foot, three
people entered the store and began walking down the Big Feet area of the store. Security
Officer Bo Foot observed suspect one take three dozen pairs of the Big Guy brand socks and
place them down his pants. Security Officer Bo Foot then followed the three suspects into the
Hammer Toe section of socks where Security Officer Bo Foot observed suspect two place two
dozen pairs of the Hang Nail Free brand of socks into suspect three’s purse. As Security Officer
Bo Foot approached the suspects the suspects began to run. As Suspect one began to run, he
bumped Security Officer Foot causing him to fall to the floor. All three suspects ran out of the
store into the back-parking lot of the store.
The store owner Clifford Tonell identified the three suspects as:
Suspect (1) Bubba Hurt
Suspect (2) Skeeter Redrum Suspect
(3) Summer Breeze
Please refer to inventory sheet for cost of merchandise stolen.
All three suspects were later apprehended and arrested at the Just for Kicks Martial Arts studio
located at 626 Felony Drive. All of the property was recovered inside Skeeter Redrum’s 1969
Ford Pinto.

CRJ 105 – Crime and Criminal Behavior
1. Your task as the District Attorney is to determine what charges apply, if any, and the
penalties (refer to Penalty Sheet in the Document Library) for such charges, for all three
individuals involved in this incident. You should base your answer on an understanding of
the definitions by reviewing the Criminal Code for the State of Georgia: Title 16 Crimes and
Offenses: Offenses involving Theft found in the Document Library.
? Please refer to the inventory sheet for the cost of merchandise stolen.
2. Next, examine the crime scenario and give your opinion on whether the crime committed
was done by amateurs or professionals. (refer to the Document Library)
3. Identify what type of criminal typology could be applied to the suspects based on your
lesson notes. (refer to the Document Library)
Formatting Requirements:
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
? Be four pages typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-
inch margins on all sides. All the information you need is in the Document Library.
? Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, professor’s
name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required
assignment page length.
Self-Assessment Checklist:
Use this to check your work before you submit your assignment:
uf0a8 My paper determines what charges apply, if any, and the penalties for the charges, if
uf0a8 My paper presents my opinion about whether the crime(s) committed were done by
amateurs or professionals.
uf0a8 My paper identifies the type of criminal typology that could be applied to the suspects.