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Cyber Security Policy assignment help



Visit the ISO Web site ( to find out how ISO standards are developed.

Each question must be answered in following manner:

1. Write your name, class in the header section.
2. You must include your resources in a separate page.
3. Minimum page count: 2 and Maximum page count: 3 (excluding the resource page)
4. Must not use more than three paragraphs per page.
5. Font: Size 12, Cambria, double spaced.

Part II

1. search online for the State of New York Cyber Security Policy P03-002 document.

2.Read the policy.What is your opinion of the policy?

3.What is the purpose of the italic format? In your opinion, is it useful or distracting?

4.The reference to the definition and Acronyms document in the policy is incorrect. The correct reference is What are the pros and cons of having a single glossary?

5.The policy references standards and procedures. Identify at least one instance of each. Can you find any examples of where a standard, guideline, or procedure is embedded in the policy document?