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Summarize the following concepts using the questions below them as a guide. Please write one well-organized paragraph for each concept, in complete sentences using your own words.
Social Stratification
What is social stratification? How is social class connected to social stratification? Summarize the four systems of stratification (provide examples of each).
Which stratification system(s) is likely to be open and/or closed? Which systems reflect ascribed and/or achieved status? Explain.
Means of Production
For Karl Marx, what is the means of production(p.250) and who owns the means of production (explain and give examples)? Distinguish among the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. What is their relationship to the
means of production? Finally, describe and explain the following terms: class consciousness, dominant ideology and false consciousness.
Webers Definitions of Class, Status Group & Prestige
Distinguish among Weber’s usage of the following terms: class, status group and party. Provide examples of each. Contrast Weber and Marx’s views of social class.
Cultural Capital
How is cultural capital linked to class differences?
How is cultural capital linked to power differences? Explain. Discuss cultural capital in relation to material, social and cultural resources. How is cultural capital expressed in attire, housing, vacations, food and sport?
Note: Review the following terms: relative poverty, absolute poverty, socioeconomic status (SES), prestige and esteem.