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Discussion #1: Differentiation/Segmentation
After reviewing the reading material about the terms differentiation and segmentation, provide two ways an organization can segment its workforce, and include how this impacts total rewards (meaning, does employee eligibility for rewards vary based on this differentiation/segmentation?).
Use a minimum of one
reference from the class materials to support your discussion and interact with at least two
Discussion #2: Understanding OD/HR Metrics
In your 2nd assignment, you will define the term metrics, explain how metrics are used to evaluate the success of the total rewards program, identify, describe, and provide examples of
at least three metrics
and share how you will collect the data for each metric and
how you will set the benchmark or goal target for each that you would use to compute and analyze the Total Rewards Program in the organization you are studying in the course.
Review the
AIHR 51 Metrics
article and select 3 to discuss with the class, indicating why you have selected these and how they are relevant to the organization you are studying.
Two references required for each question. Please put references in proper APA format.