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Discussion 1
Representing Operation Models Please respond to the following:
• From the first e-Activity, ( suppose you were asked to create an UML use case for a system-as-is given the complete requirements. Propose three best practices that you would suggest for the creating of a UML use case from the complete requirements (i.e. selecting actors and operations).
• Evaluate operationalization diagrams and UML use case diagrams in relation to operational models. Select the diagram that you believe represents operation models clearer. Defend your position.
Discussion 2
Instance Behaviors Please respond to the following:
• From the second e-Activity, ( determine whether you believe that the behavior of a system can or cannot be captured without using UML sequence diagrams. Provide rationale.
• Determine whether or not you believe that every system being modeled must include state diagrams in order to understand state transitions. Support your position