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Discussion 1

 This discussion has to do with the country China that we been working on.

When you are choosing a form of direct, or indirect entry in your Final Entry Strategy Recommendations slide this week, PLEASE be sure that you name a SPECIFIC form of direct or indirect entry.  Do not merely state direct or indirect.  

You need to recommend something specific unless you are choosing NO ENTRY.  

Direct entry forms may be Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Ownership, etc…   Any form of entry that requires the US entrant to physically enter your country is going to be direct entry.

Indirect entry forms may be indirect exporting, piggybacking, countertrade, licensing, etc…  Any form of entry that does NOT require the US entrant to physically enter your country is going to be indirect entry.  

This is vital to your score for this slide so please be sure to choose a specific form of direct or indirect entry AND support with your research how this specific form is best in the recommendations.

Discussion 2

 Apply elements of culture identified in this report that should be addressed when entering this country. What considerations should be made for marketing, employment, and business interactions? 

Discussion 3

 Explain your research. What are the most relevant opportunities and risks a US executive should consider before deciding if or how their firm is going to do business in your foreign country? Why are these factors important?