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Board 2 Instructions

Complete the required reading and
presentations in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 3. Then, answer
the following discussion board question: 
Suppose that a 15-year-old is taken before juvenile court in the county
in which he resides for allegedly repeatedly refusing to obey his parents’
orders to be home before 10:00 at night. 
Would such behavior fall within the scope of most juvenile court acts?  Would the juvenile be dealt with as a delinquent
under the Uniform Juvenile Court Act recommendations?  If not, why? 

order to have the possibility of receiving full points, you must complete your
answer entirely.

includes your initial response to the question of 1,000 words, and two
responses to peers of 500 words each. Each of these posts include correct usage
of APA format, your Christian world view, and relevant in-text support for
both. Also, include a reference at the conclusion of each response in proper
APA format. See the discussion board rubric for additional clarification.