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Discussion questions will be evaluated based on:
Accurate response stated in students own words.
Students who merely copy an answer from the text book, solutions manual, website, or another student will receive zero credit.
Response stated clearly and concisely.
Spelling and sentence structure.
1. accounting is sometimes described as the language of business. what us meant by this description?
2. when you invest your saving in a company, what is the different between return on your investment and the return of your investment?
3. starting with the most general and moving to the more specific, what are the three primary objectives of finance reporting?
4. what are the three primary financial statements with which we communicate financial accounting information
7. what is meant by generally accepted accounting principles, and how do these principles add to the integrity of financial accounting information?
8. what is the definition of internal control, and what are the five component of COSOs internal control framework?
9. what is an audit, and how does it add to the integrity of accounting information?
13. what is a securities and exchange commission ( SEC) and what is its role external financial reporting?