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Discussion Topic
There are common home network problems that you need to explore in your discussion response. Several common issues are:
Your home network cannot reach certain areas of your home.
Devices cannot see each other on the network.
Devices cannot get on the Internet.
Devices cannot join the network.
Your home network is slow.
Your home network connections drop
Your home network is not secure.
In your original post, pick a common issue above, and answer the following questions:
Choose a networking troubleshooting
approach; there are several in the text. Feel free to cover another that
is not listed in the text, as long as it is a suitable network
troubleshooting approach.
Why did you choose this networking troubleshooting approach?
Take your networking troubleshooting
approach, and apply it to the issue you chose. Summarize the steps you
would take to troubleshoot the issue.