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Download the document below titled Amber Lundgren Email. Perform a complete analysis on this email just like you were submitting it for inclusion in a case file. This is not a written statement, but is an unsolicited email sent by a prime suspect in the case and therefore is a little different, but the principles are the same and you should analyze it as if it was a written statement. Again, I am not looking for a perfect analysis, but rather that you have thought it through and can defend your conclusions – that there is a method in your madness.
One thing on your analysis, you are NOT trying to determine guilt or innocence here.
That is not the purpose of doing a statement analysis.
You are simply forming an opinion based on your analysis of the truth or deceptiveness of the narrative and also further areas of investigation.
I dont want to see you saying this guys is guilty or not guilty – you decide that based on the totality of the evidence in the case file which you dont have access to.
I just want you to analyze the statement.
There is also a document below titled Amber Lundgren Info that contains some basic information on the case and the subject who wrote the email.
The Central Issue on this one is very difficult and a little tricky – so I am going to give it to you – The Central Issue starts with Sentence #14 (not line 14) – A few things still bother me …. and the Central Issue ends at the end of Sentence #17 (not line 17) – …. actually know who is responsible.
the assignment is attached under Email
examples/instructions are attached as well