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  1. Each essay must have the question you are answering typed at the top of the paper. 
  2. Each essay must be a minimum of 250 words. The question does not count toward the final word count.
  3. The essay must be relevant to the chapter you read. (This might sound obvious but you would be surprised the answers I get!!)  


  1. The  following requirements to receive a top passing score are:
  2. Fulfill the first three requirements for a passing paper.
  3. Begin your essay with a thesis sentence – take a position in the answer that you have provided. Mere summary is not enough.
  4. The essay must in some way RESPOND DIRECTLY to some aspect of lesson/lecture, drawing connections beyond the textbook content.
  5. The essay must have citations.  These citations tell me on which page you gained your insight to your answer/thesis to your essay.  (This used to be a requirement for a passing paper but for most students this is too much to ask.)

WHY did the Chesapeake colonies not prosper during the earliest years of settlement?
WHAT role did differences in religion play in the founding of the New England colonies?
HOW did ethnic diversity shape the development of the Middle Colonies?
HOW would you contrast the founding of the Carolinas with the founding of Georgia?

Choose one of these to respond