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Each student is expected to attend one (1) cultural event during the semester and to submit a one (1) to two (2) page response paper based on the event. This event may include an art exhibit, concert, play, film, or dance performance that pays homage to the history, art, and/or traditions of any culture outside of your own. Please ask for clarification if you are unsure you’re your event qualifies as a cultural experience. Attendance at this event should be documented by a program, ticket stub, and/or photo (with a full listing of artists and/or performers) and submitted (as a JPEG document/image) along with the response paper.
Note: A response paper should answer the following questions:
l. What (meanings, values, etc.) was the event promoting or celebrating?
2. What is my personal response to this event?
3. How has attending this event affected my lived world experience?