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Modify the StudentRecordManager class provided for Unit 1 project to take advantage of composition design.

For grading purposes, use the file provided to you, not the one with your own work. Do not fill in #ADD portions.
You still need other provided files for this project i.e. Student class and the data folder.
After modification, the StudentRecordManager class should look like this (red means private):
recList is a private instance data member now;
The constructor should just initialize recList with loadFromFile() result;
displayRecords() is a public instance method (not private, not static) now and doesn’t take any parameters as the data it needs is in instance data member recList;
size() should just report # of records as now users of this class don’t have access to the arraylist.
Do not touch loadFromFile().
Put this main() directly in StudentRecordManager class. This project should compile and work the same as before (the given project portion in Unit 1). Include a screenshot of your program output in assignment report.
public static void main(String[] args)
// path and file name of data file
String fileName = data/cs219.txt;
StudentRecordManager roster = new StudentRecordManager(fileName);
// display data in table format
// simple statistics
System.out.println(Number of students: + roster.size());
} // end main