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Following ideas you have liked from fan films screened inside or outside of class, write a script for a 3-4 minute short film or scene (roughly 4 pages or 600 words) that could be filmed in 2ish locations accessible from Oxford (or wherever you happen to be).  Follow formatting guidelines outlined here (Links to an external site.) to help with proper indentation for action, dialogue, character names, etc.  You may consider using a program like Celtx (free two week trial), FinalDraft (free 30 day trial), or Writer Duet (two week free trial via Google) to automate the formatting for you.

Your script may…

  • Mashup a contemporary cultural phenomenon (like COPS or Undercover Boss (Links to an external site.)) with Star Wars themes or characters to create a humorous social commentary.
  • Work with or subvert the “hero’s journey” narrative structure with which the franchise is associated
  • Feature everyday people who muse on science fiction or Star Wars.
  • Use Zoom as its “setting.”
  • Work within the context of COVID-19 masking and distancing guidelines.
  • Or…

Simple, elegant ideas will work best here.