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For the assignment use the previous template you used to complete assignment #3 with.
Use the different red tabs (App, Entree, Deserts) in the Excel spreadsheet to cost out each of your recipes.
Cost out each of the recipes on your menu using your standard recipes and the costs from your ingredient consolidation list.
Key Definitions
for the recipe costing template (from left to right in the template):
Ingredient quantity- The amount of the specific ingredient used in the recipe.
Unit of measure- the specific unit of measure of the ingredient quantity
being used in the recipe (ie-grams, kg, Ml, L, PC)
Ingredients required- The name of the ingredient being used in the recipe.
As Purchased- As the purchased cost per unit of each ingredient, this is the cost from the ingredient database or consolidation list.
Purchase Unit- the unit of measure for the APC for each ingredient in the recipe.
%- The yield percentage for each ingredient in your recipe, please make an educated guess as to what this percentage is for each ingredient.
EP- Editable portion was given a specific
Recipe units- The amount of the product used in the recipe in a specific unit of measure.
Extended cost- The cost of the specific amount of each ingredient, given the yield, in the recipe.
Recipe cost- The sum of all of the ingredient costs.
Add 10
% waste- add 10
% to the recipe cost to account for wastage in production.
Yield portions- Number of portioned as determined by your standard recipes.
Cost per portion- The cost for one individual portion of your recipe.