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For this assignment all that I need from you is your introduction. This should be a single page that includes:
1. The heading at the top of the page (not in the margins)
2. A title – this can be tentative
3. One (1) paragraph the contains the following:
a. An introductory sentence that signals to the reader the topic that is being analyzed.
b. A couple of sentences that provides the historical context of the topic.
c. Another sentence (or two) that lists some of the points that are going to be made.
d. The last sentence should be your thesis which is not simply making a statement of fact or asking a question, it should advance an argument that you will be making in the paper.
For more on what a thesis is and how to craft one, you can find some materials in the Writing Materials folder on Blackboard or you can refer to the writing guide of your choice.
In all, the introduction should be roughly around five to six (5-6) sentences long. Make sure that your final sentence is clearly discernable as the thesis. You should be consulting with your sources as you develop the thesis, because you will have to support the argument you make with quotes and analysis from the sources.
On Sources: Do not cite or quote from your sources in the introduction. The intro is where you are telling the reader – in your own words – what the topic is and what you’re going to argue in the paper. As you proceed in the writing process of this paper, make sure you’re using the primary and secondary sources you selected for analysis and review.