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For this project, you will be conducting a needs assessment for your country using data from the UN Human Development Report
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1. Collect the following data:
Human Development Index (HDI): Life expectancy (LE), expected years of schooling (EYS), mean years of schooling (MYS), GNI per capita, GNI per capita rank minus HDI rank.
Gender Development Index: Collect each of these separately for women and men – HDI, LE, EYS, MYS, GNI per capita
Gender Inequality Index: Seats in parliament held by women, Secondary education for women and men, labor force participation for women and men
2. Create a table with the data you collected from the Human Development Report. Again,your table will be graded on the basis of clarity and how well it conveys the information you present.
3. Evaluate gender inequality in your country. Does your country suffer from gender inequality and if so, how does gender inequality most strongly manifest? What kind of policy would you advocate to reduce gender inequality in your country?
4. Based on an analysis of the data you have collected, what is the most pressing development issue facing your country. Using sound economic logic, explain why this is a problem and outline one policy that addresses this issue.