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For your performance analysis report, your team’s analysis must include the following reports:

  • Provide an overall site analysis (analyzing the acquisition and behavior reporting) 
  • Acquisition – how traffic is coming to the website – through search, social media, referred? (these are things you should analyze) 
    • Behavior – channels – drill down (acquisition + behavior) – need both? 
    • Acquisition – users / behavior – bounce and pages, etc. 
    • Referral – lists of sites that are running report – sending traffic to us.
    • Someone else mentioning your site 
    • Any site that is pointing back to you is a referral
  • Behavior
    • Overview page to see how everything is progressing 
    • Site content – supplemental report (different pages people visited and how much) 

Acquisition metrics: is the volume of visitors and visits to your website

(users, sessions, new users) 

Behavioral metrics: tells you how engaged the visitors are on your site

(average time on site (avg session duration, bounce rates)