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Friday Assignment (Day 1) – Project Outline
You are assigned to work as a team throughout the weekend. Please note that team members must remain on the assigned team – no changes.
Please note that a Team Lead will be assigned and will communicate with me.
The deliverable for Day 1 is the following:
As a team, discuss major topics from each chapter (Data mining process, methods, and algorithms (from Chapter 4); Machine- learning Techniques for Predictive Analytics (from Chapter 5); Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing (from 6); and Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis, and Social Analytics (from Chapter 7).
From this discussion, select at least two topics from each chapter 4/5 and one topic from chapter 6/7 that you will research throughout the residency. Ensure to relate each topic from each chapter.
The deliverable for Day 1 is the outline that includes:
A project in a company (a made-up project but must be realistic from a made-up organization). Note the current industry, name of the organization, and note how it’s currently functioning today.
Select a key area of predictive analytics to implement in the organization
Description of which team member(s) will work on each aspect of this project.
An initial list of references your team identified for this project.
This deliverable is submitted as an MS Word document by one team member. Please ensure the team members and IDs are listed on the title page.
Saturday Assignment (Day 2) – Project Written Paper
Based on the outline created for Day 1, your team will write a comprehensive paper.
Here’s the approach you can take for this paper:
Title page (ensure team members and IDs are listed) (1-page)
Introduction – provide a background of the selected organization. (2-page min.)
Problem Statement – present the business problem and why it is important to solve and implement a system. (1-page min.)
Literature Review – present the academic/professional research on the various topic you chose. (7-page min.)
Solution – present an overview of the solution (5-page min.)
Solution #1
Impact on organization
Recommendation on how to manage it
Solution #2
Impact on organization
Recommendation on how to manage it
Solution #3
Impact on organization
Recommendation on how to manage it
Conclusion (1 page)
References (minimum of 15 reputable sources)
Appendix (if any)
The paper will range from 15-to-20-pages includes title page, content, and references.
Please write in
APA v7 Style.
Sunday Assignment (Day 3) – PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation
Based on the outline and written work, your team will create a PPT.
The PPT will include the following requirements:
Tile slide
Slide with team members and IDs.
Describe the selected organization/business problem
Discuss Solution #1
Discuss Solution #2
Discuss Solution #3
Key takeaways