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General sales taxes are spoken of as proportional AND as regressive. Explain how one or both can be accurate.
If corporations are legal persons for purposes of income tax, why are they taxed differently? Do they really pay income tax (even disregarding their ability to avoid taxes)?
Californias approach to property tax – Prop 13 and related propositions – is not typical of how property tax is approached in other states. Was California a trend setter or a serious error?
Debt is the accumulation of deficits.
Deficits result from spending more than is brought in from taxes and other revenue.
Should we borrow to cover our debt?
Grants use other peoples money to pay for programs.
How do public attitudes differ about own source funding and grant funding?
Text book reading for chapter 2 is
Public Budgeting, David C. Nice, Patrick Fisher, Second Edition, Berkdale Publishers, San Diego, CA, 2016