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Guide midterm exam 

  • Sentimentalism, Hume:
    • “It is not contrary to reason to prefer the destruction of the whole world to the scratching of my finger.”
    • Subjective and objective emotions
    • Moral sense theory
    • Neo-sentimentalism
    • Intuitionism
  • Egoism:
    • Psychological Egosim
    •  two types ethical egoism: Universal and Individual
    •  Cultural relativism / Social relativism.
  • Joseph Butler critique of egoism
  • Kant’s morality. What is part of Kant’s morality and what is not part of Kant’s morality:
    • Maxim, Principles, reason, categorical imperatives, freedom, hypothetical arguments, ends, happiness, pleasure, emotions, incentives, will, duty
  • How does Consequentialism work? Rule / act utilitarians. Bentham / Mill. Satisficing consequentialism. Critiques of Consequentialism.