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Hello dear, I hope this email will find you good and safe. If you recall you have done the attached personal statement to apply for a graduate studies MS Education and PPS certificate (counseling). I would like to edit it and according to the following instructions, please let me know how much will cost?
Write a separate personal statement responding to each of the following 3 prompts. Please type the question at the top of the document and format with double-spacing, 12-point font and at least 1-inch margins. Use a maximum of 2 pages for your answer to each prompt. (Keep in mind that we consider these statements representative of the quality of your potential work in the program.)
Prompt #1:
There are many career paths in counseling and education. Please describe why you have chosen to pursue a career in school counseling and how SDSU’s program aligns with those goals.
Prompt #2:
How do you define social justice? Discuss your experience in advocating for social justice and equity issues, and how as a school counselor, you will advocate for social justice and equity in education and/or culturally diverse communities.
Prompt #3:
The field of education and the profession of school counseling are changing. What issues do you imagine school counselors will be facing in the year 2022 (at about the time you may graduate from the program)? How do you envision addressing these challenges?
I need a new one according to the instructions exactly.This is not an assignment paper so no sources needed it.Thanks.
I want it according to the instructions. Each question with answer maximum two pages separate from the other one.Again this personal statement is going to a University to apply for a graduate studies MS Education counseling with PPS .