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Watch the video and/or article, then answer the corresponding question(s) and each post must be at least 100 words:


Article attached and reference below:

Knackendoffel A., Dettmer P., & Thurston L. P. (2017). Collaborating, Consulting and Working in Teams for Students with Special Needs (Subscription). [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from

Teaching self-advocacy skills is imperative for student’s academic success and independence, especially for students with disabilities. What are some ways to teach self-advocacy skills to students? Explain and cite evidence from the text. Add reference at the bottom of your initial discussion post. 


Do you think that PBS can minimize the need for behavior reduction strategies? Do you think schools should use timeout to deescalate behaviors? 

Power Points attached and reference below:

Wheeler J. J., & Richey D. D. (2018). Behavior Management. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from 


After watching this video do you believe that high schools adequately prepare students with disabilities for college?