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Here are a few things I want you to remember BEFORE you submit this paper:
This paper is worth 25
of the overall grade.
Be sure you answer the entire question. Have you explained your position clearly? Are your reasons and ideas
examples of elevated business thinking?
Be sure to talk directly to your audience – the employees OR the owner OR the schools president.
Be sure the MEMO format
is correct and business-like.
The LOOK of the document must be excellent.
Here is what you MUST
(I think,
I feel,
I believe,
In my opinion,
easy spelling,
and punctuation errors.
I expect your writing to be better than it was when you began the class.
The best way to guarantee this is by PROOF-READING YOUR MEMO BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT!
This will be the last thing I read before issuing your grade. Impress me with your writing and SHOW me you have learned what I said on day #1 – HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, WRITE IT WELL, and MAKE IT LOOK GOOD!
Once you have met all of the qualifications, submit your ethics memo, and I will grade it. Good Luck.
***NOTE: To ensure academic honesty,
your memo will be run through Safe Assign.
If you have used any research,
it should be documented.
(I did not ask you to use research, so using it correctly is up to you.)